Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to SCIS (Stanwood Camano Incident Support)?
Since we were founded in 2005, we have been known as SCIS (Stanwood Camano Incident Support). Because we have grown, and continue to do so, we have also outgrown our name and logo. In keeping with our agency’s mission and growth, we changed our name in 2015 from SCIS to NWIS (Northwest Incident Support). 

Who do NWIS Chaplains and Response Teams help?

We help people in our community when they experience tragedy or trauma.  This may be a family crisis intervention, school crisis response, or on-scene support of first responders and families.  Support volunteers often follow up with families and individuals for months following their crisis.

When is  NWIS called?

We are dispatched by the 911 operators when there is a disaster, accident, need for death notification, or other traumatic event where our training and expertise serve to care for and comfort victims, families and the first responders.

What training do NWIS volunteers receive?

NWIS volunteers are trained in areas such as crisis response and intervention, incident command systems, critical incident stress  management,  and on-scene procedures for suicide, SIDS, homicide, death investigation, and crime scenes.

What are the qualifications for serving as a chaplain or other volunteer?

We are a Christian, faith-based organization.  Chaplains qualifications include a personal belief in the basic tenets of the Christian faith.  They are not required to be ordained or active in a pastoral ministry but are required to have the commissioning or licensing from a Christian church body who will give accountability and support to this person’s mission.  

Do Chaplains and other volunteers use the crisis to give their own personal religious teaching? 

No!  However, a NWIS chaplain will offer a prayer if asked by family or responders.  Otherwise, their role is to bring assistance through their efforts of bringing compassion, comfort and lend a hand at the scene.  The chaplain is there to be an asset to responders not to promote a religious position.


This mission does not give permission to “preach” or evangelize from the chaplains personal belief and faith. Chaplains and NWIS crews are there simply to provide assistance, comfort and encouragement through the crisis....Not to make judgments or give religious direction.