Stanwood-Camano Giving Tuesday

SC Give is the Stanwood-Camano community's local Giving Tuesday event. It is a 24-hour online giving event hosted by the Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation to celebrate and support giving and local philanthropy. Starting at 12:00 a.m. on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, area residents unite for 24 straight hours of giving and generosity to a variety of projects that provide basic needs and enhance the quality of life in our community.

Digital devices have increased the ease with which predators can communicate with students. There are millions of predators searching for young people to groom. This and our proximity to I-5, the International Border, ports, and rural farms dependent on laborers makes our area ripe for human trafficking.


Hope Unlimited’s Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative provides tools to end human trafficking. The need to stay current on virtual threats is on-going and it's imperative that those working with children recognize signs of trafficking. Hope Unlimited’s crucial, timely Initiative offers training for parents, teachers, and will help form student organizations at local schools. Our hope is to reach children before they need to be rescued!

Our goal is to equip students. We have recently helped start a student-led program at Stanwood Hight School. With your help, we can see this grow throughout other schools in our area!

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